Automatic Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered if email marketing still works or not. Nowadays there are many SEO tricks here and there, EX: directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarkings etc. But yet the oldest way and the most targeted one that can bring you the leads is the email marketing.

Lets assume you have a business or you have just a site that provides more information to users and it is monetized by advertisements. In both cases you need traffic that would convert into sales or that would bring you more revenue from advertisements.

You get most attention of a user when he or she is reading their own emails. This is better then pasting ads that glitter and shine in order to grab their attention towards your ads.

Here are some advantages of email marketing:

– An email marketing provides ability to distribute information to a wide range of potential customers.
– Email marketing is less expensive and to the point when compared to other form of advertisements.
– Email marketing gives you faster results then other marketing efforts.
– Advertiser has the control on what message the subscribers will see instead of relying on users to see that message by luck on some advertisement banner.
– Business can be generated automatically with email marketing.
– One can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted in to receive emails on subjects of interest to them.
– More then half of Internet users check or send email everyday.
– Email marketing can track and respond with proper responses needed for proper events.
– Moreover email marketing is paper-free [Go save the earth] 😀

Okay so now too much talk about the email marketing and its benefits. Lets assume you want to get started with it [ Who doesn’t wants more traffic 😀 ] but remember this is subscription based email marketing we are talking about. Not spam, not at all.

I still remember the old days when I was very much dependent on making my mailing list and then sending emails to them on regular basis. At that time I didn’t had tools to manage the whole scenario so I use to write down emails in notepad and then send them through a script to different groups of email subscribers.

You might have seen some scripts and services out there that can do this for you. The one I am using for selling some of my digital products is Aweber. In aweber you get a hosted solution for all your email marketing needs. No need to worry about keeping the lists in safe place and no worries about your subscribers complaining about too many emails in their inbox.

What you need to do is just get an Aweber account start out by putting the subscription form on your site. You then have to set up some messages that will be sent on corresponding events of actions taken by your subscribers. You can then periodically send out new emails to your subscribers and put in good information relevant to the subject so that your subscribers are getting new information directly delivered to their inboxes. You can also put in your new products as well as other sales lines in your emails. With a loyal subscribers following your emails at regular interval they have a good relationship with your brand name/company. This will get you the best conversion ratio compared to other type of marketing efforts.

You don’t have a product to sell? No problems, even affiliate marketing can be done via well managed email marketing campaign. If you have a content based site on some topic then you can send updates on that topic to your readers and you can put in some affiliate links in the email. Most affiliate programs do allow this type of marketing, but don’t forget to read the TOS of the program that you join.

If you have your own script then great. But if you don’t have one and want to start out then don’t forget to check aweber.

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