10 Tips for Webmasters

This a a basic set of tips that most of the webmasters already knows but yet it might be helpful for new webmasters and beginners.

[1] Build websites if you really have interest in that particular niche. Building a website around a niche that has higher returns will not get you anywhere. Research the subject and then jump into it.

[2] Avoid slow loading graphics as much as possible. You can use Online Image Optimizer to optimize your images.

[3] Be as normal as you can. Some webmasters tend to do things just to make the site a bit different. Yes it should be different but in a positive way.

[4] Run a spell check on your site’s content.

[5] Make your website in such a way that it looks neat and clean. More visitors will trust your website if it is clean and professional.

[6] Try to be on the point as much as possible. Don’t mix up many niches into one thing. EX: Finance can contain things about banking and credit cards etc. But Gaming site cannot contain things about beauty and health.

[7] Check your pages in more then 1 browser. A good way to check on all browsers is to test them at BrowserShots

[8] Always use your own domain name and hosting. It doesn’t costs much and it keeps your online assets safe. i.e. your website.

[9] Provide good content or some incentive that will keep your visitors coming back to you. You can start some mailing list or give free ebook of yours etc. For other marketing tips you can refer to SEO

[10] Display your contact information and privacy policy pages.

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