Make money with twitter

Do You have twitter account? If no then you can get one at My twitter profile is at

Once you have got a twitter account you can invite your friends and join some other friends on twitter to whom you would like to follow. Your friends who will get your invitation might follow you and some other twitter users also might be interested in following you around.

Now once you have a twitter account set. You can just go to and signup for a twittad account. This will allow you to sell advertisements on your twitter profile page. You are able to select the price at which you want to sell your profile page for advertisement. Once the advertiser purchases the advertisement on your profile you can accept or deny it within 48 hours. If you do accept the advertisement to be shown on your twitter profile then twittad will automatically upload the ad on your twitter profile page.

Once your twittad account reaches $30 you can request the payment to be sent to you in your paypal.

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