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Sponads LogoDo you own websites and want to get that extra income? If yes then you can signup at and start getting a sponsor for your site.

You don’t have to find a sponsor for your site and keep changing banner code every now and then when the sponsor for your website changes.

With easy to manage publisher panel all you have to do is just signup and add your sites in the sponads inventory. Here you will get a small piece of code that you can put on your website and as soon as your ads spots are sold you start making money. You can read more about the frequently asked questions on the site itself at

Payments are in paypal and there is no minimum payment threshold of any kind. So that means if you even earn 10 dollars then you do get that 10 dollars paid on the next payment date. All your Pending payments of the month will be paid on the 15th of next month.

If you are an advertiser and want to get some banners on the relevant niche websites then you can signup as advertiser and prefill your account. After that you just have to go and select the sites where you want your ads to appear. As soon as the ads are approved they are live and there is no risk of extra billing or PPC fraud as this is a flat rate advertising network.

Right now is also giving 20% more to advertisers. That means if you fill your account with 100 dollars you will get 120 in your account. 20 Dollars are added by the sponads staff.

The best thing is if you have a descent budget that you want to spend on your marketing campaign then you just have to contact the staff at and they will get your ads running on the relevant and targeted websites and send you the report.

Some of my own sites are in this network.

To signup Click Here.

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