How to earn more on internet

When you are providing some kind of online services whether it maybe designing or programming the following points will help you to satisfy your clients much more and also give you that extra edge among the competitors.

Select clients wisely.
– It is not only that clients who are paying dollars do get the choice of selecting who will do the work for them. But as a good coder or a designer you also have the choice to select for whom you will like to work. Select only those kind of clients that are professional enough and have flexible budget so that even if project does goes beyond the expected timeframes or work efforts it could be completed and both the parties can have a smile on their face.

Everything is your problem.
– When the deal is on from there onwards every problem of your client is your problem. If site development is lagging then it is your problem. If design sucks then it is your problem. If you are out of station in between then it is your problem so you have to take care of those points. If sites don’t work as they should or if client wants it to work bit differently then it is your problem. If it is an ongoing project and if sites get hacked in between or the servers are down then it is your problem. If you are providing marketing or SEO services and there is no traffic then it is your problem. Once you take the money from your client then always consider that everything bad that happens is your problem and not the problem of the client who owns the website.

Did you have long power cut? Then it is your problem.

You didn’t slept for 4 days while working on the project and now feel tired? Then it is your problem.

Are you feeling itchy and bored and want to take a walk around in park? Then it is your problem.

After the things were done the client didn’t liked it? Then also it is your problem.

Give them the best that you can and you will yourself see that there is enough work and clients out there waiting just to hire your quality services.

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