User Experience: Yes, It Matters

Laying out a new website for your small business is a crucial piece of the puzzle of success. Your business needs customers, and your customers need somewhere to check you out and get a feel for what you do, what you offer and how much you charge for it. To that end, you need a strong business website, one that offers an excellent user experience so that your customers are coming back over and over again for more.

A big part of your user experience is going to be the platforms that you host your page on. You need to optimise your website for all platforms, from laptop to smartphone, otherwise people will switch off from you. Using a Kentico agency for your web development could make a rather large difference to your success as a business, because more time and care has been put into the development side of the site, making it easier and faster for those using it. It’s important to know that your user experience is going to matter a great deal should you hope to do well in your company, and we’ve got some tips to maximise your customer experience when they click onto your website.


Response. You need to be responsive with your business website. You have to ensure that you are giving the most optimal experience. Choosing a functionality that adapts to all user devices is important and if you haven’t done this already, you’re going to hear about it. You need to be responsive to your customers, as this will lead to increased business growth.

Action. There are many calls to action you can place on your business website, but the best one that you can add on is the ‘click to call’ feature. Don’t make your customers search through your website to find your contact details – this should be the first thing on the screen that your customers see

Content. Visual content is so important when surfing the net, and the more attractive your website, the more people will come back to you. Make sure your customers aren’t left frustrated by constant scrolling to get to the content that they need. Short and snappy is key!

Simplicity. Enlarge the buttons to click on your web pages, especially for your mobile users. You need your website to be professional, simple and working for you very precisely so that your customers find exactly what they want in the first few seconds of usage.

Link. As much as possible, you need to include backlinks to other places on your site and external links to your resources to related websites – this includes maps to your business address that you can embed so people can find you.

Your website is the face of your business. This means that the way that you conduct yourself as a business on social media and on the website and blog have to be impeccable. Make your website stand out and you will grow and be more successful.

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