Developing An App? Make Sure You Put Security First

If there’s one thing to learn this week, it’s that even online giants aren’t free from data breaches. Yahoo has revealed that it’s 2013 data breach (announced in 2016), didn’t affect 1 billion users as first reported, but 3 billion. This news has once again raised questions about online security, causing fear for many. As an app developer, it’s more important than ever that security is at the heart of what you’re doing – as any sort of preventable data breach could cost you money, rather than turn you into the millionaire of your dreams. Here are a few things you should consider when designing a safe and secure app.


Make sure security is a key part of the planning stage

Security should be one of your most important considerations, not an afterthought. By incorporating the relevant security features into your app’s design from the very beginning – you will already be reducing your risk of a data hack or breach. It may require further investment on your part, but it will save you time and money later down the line as well as the embarrassment of having to roll-out continuous updates to fix ‘security issues.” Entrepreneur has some great suggestions on how developers can design secure mobile apps at, with a variety of features that are worth taking into consideration.

Integrating into the wider world

Developing an app is a great idea, but it can be even better if your app can integrate with the apps your target customers are already using. To do this, you’re going to need to incorporate API (application programming interfaces) to help your app talk to and share data with apps like Facebook, Google Maps, etc. This provides a fantastic user experience but also poses additional security risks. Developers wishing to use API should check out tutorials like this one: to understand how testing can help you protect yours, and your users’ data. It’s a step worth taking in the development process and could save you hassle later down the line.

Staying up to date on app security

Think about your phone and how many application updates it makes each day. The majority of those updates will be because of a response to a potential security risk, ensuring users stay protected against the latest risks. A regular review of your app’s safety technology is important, particularly after big data breaches. Make your security policies visible so that users can find themselves easily and know that you’re taking their safety seriously. Prevention is always better than cure.

Developing a mobile app isn’t as easy at it might sound, and security is just one of the many things to consider when designing your app. However, by planning for it and taking it into consideration at every opportunity, you can create a great app that offers assurances to your users and stops your app from becoming the tech world’s next big data-breach headline.

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