Boring Website? 4 Tricks To Make Your Copy Way More Engaging

The average website’s copy isn’t exactly engaging. Often, it’s dry stuff written by an inexpensive copywriter who sees it as just one more project.

But when it comes to building a fabulous website, it’s critical to ensure that what you write down actually entices people to buy from you. If it doesn’t, then you’re in for a world of pain.

In this article, therefore, we take a look at some of the tricks you can use to make your writing more engaging. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare. But it does need to have a certain character about it that encourages people to convert.

Emphasize Benefits

A lot of website copy is very precise and tries to highlight product features. After all, that’s what companies think their customers want: the best feature-packed products. But it turns out that consumers aren’t as in-depth as that most of the time. Features matter for their experience, yes, but what they really want to know is how your brand can benefit their lives.

Try writing copy, therefore, that emphasizes benefits and doesn’t pay too much attention to specifications. Remember, if specs are important in your vertical, you can always include them in another section.

Use The Customer’s Voice

In psychology, there is a concept called mirroring where people essentially copy those with whom they interact. So, for instance, you might copy somebody who has folded their arms by folding yours as well.

What’s amazing about mirroring is that it can make the other person like you more. So now marketers are trying to figure out ways of using it to their advantage. One way is to simply copy your customers’ tone of voice in your writing. If you know they speak in a certain way or use specific language, then mimic them, even if strictly-speaking their grammar is wrong.

Create A House Style Guide

All incredible user experience and design services start off by creating something called a house style guide. This simple document basically describes how all of the people on your copywriting team should write when doing so on behalf of your company.

Each company has a different house style. But the goal is to write in a way that reflects your brand and appeals to consumers.

The house style of exciting brands is completely obvious the moment you click onto their sites. If you want pointers from the best, check out what big brands are doing and how their copy seems to relate to their overall ethos, aims and mission.

Test Your High-Value Pages

The words you write on your high-value pages can have a material effect on your conversion rate. That’s why A/B testing your pages is so critical.

Start with two pages where you slightly tweak the copy and then randomly funnel website visitors to each. Collect data for a few weeks and then see whether there is any difference in conversion rate between the two. If there is, then it suggests that you should use the page version with the highest conversion rate.

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