Why minisites sucks

Many people start minisites because they have a domain name registered. I am not against them because they create mini sites but minisites without a meaning are totally useless. I saw a thread today on one forum where a guy was promoting his minsites services. So I asked him what benefit it brings to the owner of that minisite. It brings nothing more then just a developed site out there competing with millions of others.

Well some people believe they can target specific niche and all BS with their mini sites. But can the mini site compete with an authoritive website which is already established in that particular niche? Do you think people will link naturally to your minisites?

Yes mini sites are bit better then just a parked page, but still a mini site is a mini site.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of mini sites.


– Quick development. Takes less time, money and efforts to make a mini site.
– Can be used as template for other sites. [Which leads to more spam pages if you are not putting unique content on it.]
– Specifically targets a particular niche.


– Ranks very poorly in search engines.
– Rarely gets any traffic from the site itself. Maybe your type in traffic is the best bet.
– Needs lots of patience.
– You can lose your focus very easily with 100’s of minisites. It is better to work on 1 big site then 100 small ones.

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