Webmastering as a profession

Euro NotesI started my webmastering in 2004 and after 18 months I accidently came across an article which in short did sent a message that a person who is doing the business should have the knowledge of the services or the product which he is selling. I assumed it and translated it in my mind that only an engineer’s son can do something in engineering and only a cobblers son can open up a shoe factory. I was bit confused but then I am still confused on that one. What I concluded afterwards was that I should be knowing what I want to do and if I have the knowledge of the business that I am going to do then it will prove to be more profitable for me and my business side.

If you are one of those who is interested in webmastering and is thinking to take it seriously as a profession then I would advice that you should know everything. It is not compulsory that you know everything at the start of the business but at some stage it will be beneficial if you have kept learning in the meantime and have grasped the knowledge of the factors that are involved in professional webmastering.

There are many webmasters but some know somethings and hire services from others to carry on with their webmastering career. For an example I would say lets assume there is one person who wants to be or is a webmaster but for designing part he depends on other designers. I am not saying that a person should always design himself but if the person himself knows the properties of good designing then he might evaluate and change or suggest changes himself rather then using what ever was handed to him by the designers.

Same way goes for coding a web site. A person might not be a great programmer himself or in some cases lets say the site in question is way too large for a single programmer. Here if the webmaster himself has the knowledge of programming then he can change or suggest changes based on his own knowledge and experience.

Moreover the ideas that needs to be integrated in the site itself and the creativity it always comes when we do the things ourselves. If you have some knowledge of Designs, programming, SEO, Hosting and servers, etc. then you will never be in totally strange situations. And for a person who is taking webmastering seriously and as a career I think knowing a bit more about this things is always going to be helpful.

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