Amazon Plugin by Keral Patel

Hello Hi How are you? Sorry for not posting last week but I was just busy in coding some projects for clients and making some plugins. So here I have made a small plugin that will allow you to post amazon products with your amazon associate ID embedded into the links. You can post this right into your blog posts.

Plugin name : Keral Patel’s Amazon WordPress Plugin.


Okay so now it looks cool and you want to download it. So here it is :

Installation : Unzip the contents of the Zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory

Login to your admin panel and then activate the plugin.

To set up your amazon associate ID and amazon accesskey go to Option or Settings depending on the version of wordpress you are using.

To get your amazon associate ID go here :

To get your amazon accesskey go here :

Here you will see last menu called “Your Account” under that go to “Access Identifiers” – You will get your access key from here.

I have tested it with wordpress 2.2 till wordpress 2.6

Usage Instructions : Readme.txt in the Zip file 😉

License : Hmmmm GPL . If you use it in some other projects please mention the source in the credits or a linkback to my blog.

Disclaimer : Backup all your files before installing the plugin.

Other Notes :  Backup all your files before installing the plugin.

If you have any questions or something then you can contact me from my contact page.

NOTE: WP 2.6.5 users : Do not put the plugin with the plugin folder. Just put keralpatel.php right into your wp-content/plugins/ folder. It will solve the cannot load page issue.

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