Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website Traffic

Bringing more traffic to your website, be it a blog or an eCommerce site, is always valuable. If you offer guest post placements or work with brands as a blogger, the higher your traffic, the more money you can command. For eCommerce websites, it is about maximizing the ability to turn traffic into buyers. Either way, there are some tips and tricks that everyone can do to increase their traffic.


What are you trying to be found for? If it is your innovative eyeliner designed or your amazing cookie recipe you need to follow the same steps when planning your posts.

Keyword research will maximize your likelihood of ranking on the front page of search sites.

The perfect piece of content will have the keywords naturally weaved into the text.

So when you want to increase your organic search traffic, here are a few places you can do keyword research:

  • KW finder
  • Google Keyword Planner

This might be a trickier task for larger websites and is usually better handled by an SEO company.

Market your content

The work isn’t done once you have completed the content; instead, that is the middle point.

The first steps were planning your content and putting it together.

Now it is time to market what you have created.

Here are some of the places you should be sharing your content:

  • Twitter – it’s fast-paced in terms of social media, but it does mean you can post the same links multiple times per day (be sure to change some of the text).
  • Medium – is a great option to write a shorter piece of content linked to your longer content on your website.
  • Facebook pages – if you have a community or are in Facebook groups, share your content there.
  • LinkedIn – a great place to share business-related content and increase your visibility.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has a huge search volume, and it is worth the time to create a Pinterest board within your niche.

Write for others

Reach out to media outlets and other websites that have a similar audience to you. See if you can provide them with a valuable piece of content in return for including a link to your website.

Outreach is one of the best ways to see a bump in website traffic.


Put your newsletter to work, even if you don’t have a lot of subscribers. Create beautiful newsletters filled with unique information, and entice the reader to share and check out your new content.

For great tips, check out this post: Using Email Marketing To Get Traffic.


Writing content that speaks to the niche that you operate in is the highest chance of bringing in qualified readers and those who want to consume your content.

A great example is creating a lengthy but value-packed guide to creating a tool stack in that niche—link to all of the tools you mention.

This technique is also link-worthy for others, meaning other writers and content producers are likely to link to the content to support their work, increasing your visibility and traffic.

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