Improve Your Backlinks Profile

After the recent penguin and panda stuff from google’s side it has been again a headache to maintain our backlinks profile. In past this wasn’t an issue but now more workload has been added for webmasters who want to rank properly in the search engines.

I am myself clearing up bad links and I am myself also getting loads of emails from other webmasters to remove some of their links on my bad sites. ehhe Yes everyone has some bad sites. I own more then 80 so it was bound to happen with me. As you know I tried my luck maintaining the link campaigns for my own sites as well as my clients sites by providing an inhouse link building services. Well it was good as long as it lasted but the management of staff and other stuff involved in it was eating lots of my professional time out of my schedule. Therefore I started outsourcing it in order to get some quality backlinks. As always quality is what matters the most then the quantity, and so is the case with backlinks now.

Currently I am using comment posting and all as they provide proper link building at no cost. This not only saves me the headache on managing my backlinks profile according to the new rules and updates set out by the search engines but also gives me and my clients a little bit of that edge on our competition.

Social bookmarking and guest blog posting etc are still there. But one way quality links from authority websites really counts when you want to rank properly for a particular keyword in the search engines.

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