Getting The More Direct Connect To Your Customers

Your ability to communicate effectively and directly with your customers can be vital to the success of your business. The more noise in the way of the message, the easier it is for your value to get lost. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can make sure that you’re able to get that direct connection and why it’s so vital.

Be active on social media

While it is true that there’s a lot of noise to cut past on social media, and it’s not always difficult to get attention on your account, the communications that you share directly with customers there can be very valuable. There’s something more engaging for your customers about being able to communicate with you on the same level that, when it goes well, can foster better loyalty and a sense of history that can keep them coming back.

Engage them in your own space

When your customers come to you, you should ensure that you have a bespoke, curated experience in how they engage with your business. Working with an app development agency and creating your own bespoke application for mobile devices could be considered the digital equivalent of having your own storefront. You get to control the kind of experience they have there, how they engage with your brand, and to keep the interactions they have in line with your goals. Of course, you can do some of this with your website as well, but you have nowhere near the degree of customizability as you do with an app.

Give them real customer service

Regardless of what channels you offer it through, you should ensure that you have a robust customer service system so that you never feel out of reach when you’re needed. On your website or app, for instance, you can make use of a live chat function so that if your customer faces any barriers, you’re there to help them (or at least have a bot available when no one can man the stations.) Otherwise, just make it clear how and when your customers can reach you. Too many companies bury their direct support options beneath reams of self-help and FAQs that often don’t answer the needs of their audience.

Add the personal touch

The focus has been on the digital above since that is, indeed, how the majority of new businesses manage their businesses and connect with their customers. Even if that is the case, however, you should never underestimate the power of getting physical. In this case, we’re talking about things like sending a handwritten thank-you note to first-time customers or those who have made a particularly big order. That little extra touch of sentimentality can nurture a longer-lasting relationship with a customer who feels more valued as a result.

The more you control the medium, the more you control the message and the better your chance of being to show the customer your real value. Take the tips above and find your methods of making communication more direct.

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