SEO Tricks : Typos!

Many bloggers always try to make their blogs get the highest position in search engine’s result or particularly they want to make their blog’s page rank higher and higher. There are many tricks and experiments made on their efforts to achieve their purpose. High page rank means high web’s traffic and it also means high web visitors. It is not easy but as we know that nothing is impossible, the only thing we have to do is to find the best way to do it.

We are going to talk a trick that can increase your traffic and make your blog in top search listing of search engine’s result. This trick sometimes is not taken a common trick, but that is why this trick becomes more effective to do, if many people do the same trick there will be more tight competition to get high position in search result. This trick is about using error typing keyword or mistyped keyword.

For example, your content is about ‘Google adsense’. You will place 5 keywords on the content of your website. Well, there is a trick to get the traffic from people who mistype the keyword. So, from 5 keywords that you want to use, instead of using five ‘google adsense’, you can make variation of the mistyping of it such as ‘gogle adsense’, ‘goegle adsense’, or ‘google adsence’, so when people mistype it in google search, they will directly go to your site. This kind of error typing usually knowned as TYPO!

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