Blogwalking and Yahoo Answers do Increase Your Traffic

Increasing web or blog traffic is the focus of many bloggers or website owners. They need the traffic to increase their pagerank, and with high pagerank, it means that they will earn more money from their sites. You will find many tricks and tips to gets more traffic for your site and make many visitors come to your site. Many people do not memorize site’s name when they need to get information. They usually will use google search to find the website which contained the information that they want.

There is one simple trick which can be said as marketing method or free advertising act. You should publish your link to your website everywhere you can, so that everyone can be redirected to your website. The first act is to contribute yourself to Yahoo answers, and put a link to your website in your name or below your post.

Next, you can join a online forum or discussion, make your own signature and a link which will go to your site, and start participating in the forum. You can also browse to some website or blog which have similar topic with yours. You can also write a comment and leave your back link there, make sure that you are allowed to do so by the owner of the website or blog.

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