Five Important Things Every Good Website Should Have

A good website should be the cornerstone of every modern business. As the digital economy grows at an exponential rate, you could miss out as customers migrate to the web if you fail to get a working website now.

There are a variety of important aspects that define a good website, but here are five of the most important considerations for those companies or individuals that are about to take the plunge or simply want to update their existing portal.

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Coherent Design

Many businesses are hampered by the clunky design of their websites, so you need to make sure that yours is easy to understand and makes it possible for even inexperienced users to navigate. Sometimes you can be too close to a project to appreciate its pitfalls, so make sure you show your site to a few people before it goes live to make sure that it is intuitive.

Compelling Content

The design of a website is definitely important, but you also need to pack it with interesting and relevant content. This is not only important when it comes to engaging and retaining customers, but also as an aspect of search engine optimisation. Make sure you avoid the use of low quality content, as this could prevent you from rising through the ranks for your target keywords. Your content also needs to be fresh, so if you cannot keep up with the demands of creating it, it might be sensible to outsource it to a reputable company that uses expert writers and does not simply rehash existing copy.

Business Contact Details

It may seem obvious, but you need to make sure that visitors have an easy way to find out exactly how to get in touch with your business. A comprehensive contact page is useful, but it can also be worth creating a section that explains the background to your business. This helps to make yours more than just another faceless online entity and encourages consumers to think you are worthy of further investigation.


Customer confidence is essential, so you will need to show visitors that your site is secure, particularly if you are hoping for them to carry out financial transactions online. There are various secure platforms which offer encryption and peace of mind to consumers, so investing in one for your website could be vital.

Mobile Optimisation

The growth in smartphone and tablet ownership means more people are browsing from a portable, touchscreen device than ever before. Standard desktop sites may be difficult or impossible to use with this kind of interface, so it is worth investing in a mobile optimised version of your website so that you are not alienating a portion of your target audience.

As long as you are sensitive to the shifting nature of the online market and willing to adapt your site to suit emerging trends, you should be well equipped to deal with future changes.

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