Tips on Copywriting for Maximum SEO Advantage

Copywriting is any writing that promotes or offers products or services. This comes in different form like advertisements, press releases, e-book, magazines, newsletters, and other similar materials. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that makes the writing content or the web page that has targeted keywords to rank high in search engines.

Most of the copywriting contents online have targeted keywords because these are necessary for the SEO. But as you can see there are lots of contents that are not written in a sensible manner due to giving huge emphasis on the keywords. At times, you will notice that keywords are overly used in content. This is not only eye straining, it is also dragging to the rank of the web page.

Now how can you create a great content but at the same time SEO friendly? This is by striking a balance between the two.

Take a look at the main points that could help you to achieve this balance.

1. Provide relevant content.

People browse website to see relevant services or products being offered by the same web page. So, it is very important that your content must be consistent as to what the website is all about. If for example, the web page is all about food business then do not write something about hardware business.

Do not confuse your readers. Give the content that they are looking for. This will help your web page and your readers.

2. Write Naturally.

Nothing is more eye-straining to read than a content that is not written naturally because of the keywords that have to be used. Even if you have to utilize certain keywords in content, you must write naturally. Let the words flow. Be creative; use the keywords in a sentence that will make it look natural.

Bear in mind that as a copywriter you have to engage people in what you are promoting and it is not attractive to give your readers or prospective market an awkward pitch or content.

3. Avoid keyword stuffing.

In copywriting, keywords are as important as the content. Thus, it is important to identify first how many keywords should be used and where should they be placed. This way the writer could already think of possible strategies on how to make use of the keywords. Overstuffing keywords should be avoided by all means because this will negatively affect the ranking of the web page.

4. Under usage of keywords.

Overstuffing of keywords is not good same with under using of keywords. Use of numerous keywords could make the content unsightly and make the web page heavy but very few keywords in content will make the search engines difficult to recognize your article and may nit index it.

To ensure that you will not be under using keywords you must have at least 2-3 keywords for every 500 word contents. If you are uncertain try to ask an SEO Specialist to give you a more accurate answer.

5. Consider Content Readability.

Readability means making your content easy to understand for your target readers. There is no sense in writing a content that you and your mother alone could understand. So, make sure that you will be able to relay your message in a clear, concise and understandable manner.

There are lots of things that you can do to make your content readable. You have to use catch titles, simple languages, clean writing pattern, readable fonts and size, clear presentation and other similar stuffs.

In copywriting, long and winding paragraphs are sure killers. People who go online to search are usually busy people thus short and precise content are more preferred.

Search engines have given great consideration with content’s readability. Web pages that are readable have their edge and are usually included in the top rank of search engines.

When you are writing always remember that you are writing content for your clients. Always consider them when you are creating contents. Do not solely focus on the keywords because they will affect your content. They key here is to find a common ground between readability and usage of SEO.

These are the simple tips that could help you a lot when you do copywriting. Relaying the message is as important as the SEO keywords. Just be creative on how you can reconcile the usage of both.

Author Bio:
This post was provided by James Weaser. He is software developer of IQmango team. Now they are working on Free DVD Burner software

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