Providing Webmaster Services

Webmaster ServicesFor those who are already good webmasters and they want to earn extra cash this is a very nice way to earn some extra income by offering webmaster services to some company or an individual. I had been planning this from many months but sometimes my clients are very choosy and sometimes I am very choosy. I was also hesitant about time management. I was wondering could I get time out of my fixed schedule or will it be a total mess in somedays. But in end I am very happy to say that I have found 2 new companies that have hired me as their webmaster. I just left the older companies and got a nice slab of time totally free for myself so I was able to accommodate this 2 new companies in my schedule. Payments are nice that’s for sure.

Here’s a bit about it.

What I do for them by providing webmaster services?

I do all the things like installing new plugins in existing script. I do code new plugins or functions that can improve site. I take care of sitemap generation and sometimes it is automatic with scripts. I manage the marketing side of those sites which is ran by other persons. I take care of checking SERPs and putting in extra efforts from the marketing side. I test new placements for ads and find new and better ways for monetizing the sites. I fix small problems if any problems do arise in those sites.

After some months when the sites are stable it is all about managing the marketing campaigns with PPC, directories, press releases, link exchanges etc.

It is my duty in there to take regular backups for the sites. It is my duty to check bandwidth usage. It is my duty to see how site can be more optimized to reduce the overall load and number of queries per page load. It is also my duty to come up with new ideas and get it sanctioned by the owner.

In short I do all the things that I do for my own websites.

As of now have taken 2 companies giving them 5 hours each everyday. On that I have this blog of my own and lots of other sites along with some duties I have to perform on some forums where I am a staff member. So it overall takes up 14 hours per day. In end life is busy and it is fun.

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