Customize Gmail Look

Gmail Customized LookMost of you might be using gmail for your emails. But if you are bored with the old white and blue interface then here is the good news. You can now change the interface for your gmail that will show something like in the screenshot here.

What you need to do for changing gmail interface?

I will write down it in steps below:

1) First of all get Firefox addon called Stylish. You can get it from here.

2) Install stylish to your firefox and it will ask you to restart your firefox.

3) Now you will be able to see a small icon in status bar of your firefox.

4) Go to gmail style page located here.

5) Right click the stylish icon and click on add File to Stylish.

6) Give it some name as newgmail or anything you wish.

7) Clear cache of your firefox by going to Tools >> Clear Private Data.

8) Start gmail and enjoy.

You can also try the same thing for many other popular sites. To find the styles for those sites visit

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