There is no place for love in business

I was not feeling very good tonight. So just came online at 3:00 A.M. and started reading RSS feeds of some blogs that I have subscribed. I came across a post where one experienced domainer was blogging about his love towards his domain names and how he lost a fortune with it. I had myself been in similar position in past. Around the end of 2007 one of my sites was performing so well that it started making me 1800 USD per month. I thought it was a nice income without me doing anything or any further promotions. I also got offers in 10K range for that site. But then who cares for 10K when you will make that much in 6 months yourself and also be able to keep the site with you for rest of your life. Moreover I was in need of some fast dollars at that time to invest in other domain names myself but then I was really in love with that site as it was my hand regged domain name.

So….. I decided not to sell it off and sticked with my counter offer of 30K

Well you can call it my bad luck but the site suddenly fell from 1800 per month to 100 dollars and then it stopped making me any dollars. Now it is sitting around doing nothing but giving me headaches of monetizing it better once again. But it can be my good luck too that I didn’t made any revenues after that and due to that I had to get my dollars from someplace else. Which lead me to another venture and today I can say I am more happier then before.

It is good that I was a programmer so I did some freelancing jobs here and there and continued to develop my other plans side by side. Moreover I had spreaded out my sites in different niches and they had different sources for revenue. But for those who are really depending on small number of sites. It might be a good idea to rethink about the offers you received in past for your domain names/websites and what would have happened if you have accepted them.

In end it is again about making a right decision at right time. As sometimes you might have made more revenue then you sold the site or domain name for. While sometimes the revenue might plummet. Only one thing can be done and that is to just stay away from falling into love with your domain names or your websites.

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