Meta tags for SEO

Every now and then someone asks that “Are meta tags important enough”. And every now and then someone says “No they are not important anymore”.

But why to leave out anything on chances. That was my strategy in past.

After logging into my google webmaster account for one of my newly created website, I saw something that really proved it that search engines do care for the meta tags. It isn’t something that is ignored only because this is Year 2008. Meta tags were important in past and maybe they will remain important in future too.

Here is the screenshot of it:

Meta tags in google

You can see how it is detecting the duplicate meta tags and titles on the site. I have removed the site name part 🙂 I don’t want everyone to know about it he ehe.

Now it is not that I haven’t put in the meta tags. I did put in meta tags but as I had mentioned in my post about choosing the good script for your website. It is the issue of the script taking the same meta tags again and again and appending it to the pages created dynamically.

The best solution to come out of this type of situation is to, see if your website code is flexible enough to let you specify different meta tags for different pages. If no, then can you change the script in someway to read meta tags and parse different meta tags for different pages. And even if that is not possible then maybe you will need to get some good script that does it or you might want to think of developing or get developed some better script that addresses this type of issues.

Okay back to fixing that script for better meta tags. Cya till then.

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