Common webmaster acronyms

New webmasters who are just starting out do have a language problem in understanding what they read on the internet. Most of the times the articles do mention acronyms that are new to them and they have no knowledge of what it stands for.

I am compiling a small list of common acronyms used in webmastering.

PPC = Pay per click
PTC = Paid to click
CPC = Cost per click
CPM = Cost per 1000 impressions
CPV = Cost per view OR Cost per visit.
CTR = Click through rate
CPA – Cost per action
eCPM = Effective cost per thousand impressions

SEO = Search engine optimization
SEM = Search engine marketing
SEP = Search engine positioning
SERP – Search engine results page
PR – Page rank

ROI = Return on investment

AJAX – Asynchronous java script and XML
HTML – Hyper text markup language
XML – Extensible markup language
RSS – Really simple syndication

BANS – Build a niche store
MFA – Made For Adsense
CJ – Commission junction

TLD – Top level domain
SLD – Second level domain

TOS – Terms of service

VPS – Virtual private server

I hope this will help someone. I will try and keep this post updated with new acronyms and their meanings whenever I come across some new ones or the ones that I have missed out over here.

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