Its all about quality

Quality WebsitesI have been through this lots of time and every time I feel like I am losing visitors to other sites due to lack of quality on my own sites it feels really bad. I will start with what made me write this post here. I have a friend who runs around 200 blogs. Maybe more. I asked him how does he manages to do that. And his reply, as I expected was that he is not able to manage even one of his sites. All blogs are just sitting there using some auto post spammy plugin. I was like what the hell !!! I knew about the auto posting plugin but I also knew about copy content issues 😀

So here was the final breakdown on the things. 200+ blogs on 200+ domains that is already 200 registration and renewal fees. Hosting bills around 100 USD or so. [Maybe traffic is not eating the bandwidth but the auto post plugin is eating it]. Total waste of time for uploading and installing that 200+ blogs [That time could have been used for better work]. Trying to convince people to buy advertisements on those blogs is another time wasting activity.

If he had just stuck with 2 or 3 blogs maybe within a year those blogs would have been successful enough to give him that kind of returns that he was expecting from this huge blog network.

Managing a huge and successful site is better choice financially rather then managing lots of small and unsuccessful sites. Returns will come later on. When you are going after a bigger goal, it will bring frustrations, anxiety and all kind of mental stress you can imagine of but then in end it will give you the results.

I had been through this and my friends are in that stage themselves. I can understand that it feels bad when someone tells us this is not going to work. Like when you tell someone that his spam blog network is not going to work he might feel offended, but that’s the truth. So rather then getting burnt and then learning it I had started becoming the dreams crasher myself and I tell them that it will not work even if they feel offended. Some did took it seriously while some didn’t.

I might have to write a post again sometime this week explaining the details of a larger project and the issues connected with it. Most of the times the sheer vastness of the bigger picture puts people off and they don’t take on the initiative to go after it. While sometimes there are pitholes on the way so it is sitting half completed somewhere in the mind or somewhere on the Hard drive. With proper planning and dedication it could be done and it will really make you proud to be an owner of that particular site.

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