Choosing your web host

ImHosted LogoI had tried and updated most of the phases over here but hosting was left out. I was thinking to write about some good and affordable web hosting company from last 3 months. Some of my sites are using lots of resources so they are using dedicated hosting. Many new friends of mine ask me which host is good one. I would tell them to choose any as for me all were same. I have a friend who is a great marketing person and whenever he started his marketing his sites would be down due to traffic load and he has at least changed seven servers in past one year. So I know how frustrating it is. Backing up the data. Installing it all on new servers and having new IP’s and all also doesn’t looks good from SEO point of view.

Well I wanted to launch one affiliate site on a shared server last month. So I started my search. I asked some friends and also read some blogs and other reviews for hosts.

I came across the web hosting provider here looked promising to me. So I thought of checking out some features like all the blah blah we need for a seamless execution of our scripts. Plus as a part time domainer, I have lots of domains and God knows but I even launch new sites at 3:00 A.M. in morning. So the very first requirement for me was unlimited domains hosting. Yes it was there. FTP accounts = unlimited. PHP installed MySql supported etc. They even allowed SSH too. And what else if it was also giving cpanel hosting.

I thought of giving it a try as it was really an Affordable web hosting service. At 6.95 per month it was offering me 2500 GB space and 20,000 GB bandwidth. On it they were also giving out $215 Yahoo/Overture credits for advertising. Well I haven’t seen such specs in past 4 years at this rate though. Most other hosts that were bit good were not accepting paypal but this one was and was also giving 30 day money back guarantee. So I paid with my paypal and my account was set almost instantly.

I started using it and even started monitoring the website uptime. It was all going smooth. After some days I wanted to inquire if I can get my plan bit upgraded as I was tempted to move some other bigger sites of mine on this host. The customer support was friendly one and I also got proper attention towards my query. In fact it was one of the best support experience I have had with hosting providers so far.

It had been a wonderful experience with them and that is why I thought will share my experience with all of you now.  I think by doing this I will not only be helping the host to get more business but also my readers to get a good web hosting at best rates.

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