How a New Keyboard Upgrade Can Help You Become More Productive

If you’re like most people, then you probably have a simple keyboard that came with your computer many years ago. Perhaps you don’t even have a dedicated keyboard. Maybe you just use the keyboard on your laptop and you haven’t really thought about changing it. But in this article, we’re going to cover a few things that will convince you that upgrading to a new keyboard could be one of the most impactful things to improve your productivity.

A new keyboard can smooth out your typing experience

Of all the outdated office tech that you might have at home, your keyboard is perhaps one of the things that you overlook. After all, as long as you press the keys and it displays something on your screen, it works fine, right?

However, a good-quality keyboard these days can greatly improve your typing experience. The keys can feel a lot more sturdy and will have a nice responsive feel to them, improving your typing experience and giving you some tactile feedback which can help speed up your typing and also make it more accurate, leading to fewer mistakes and backtracking through your document.

A new keyboard means you don’t have to use your laptop keyboard

If you’re mainly working at home with a laptop then you might find it convenient to simply use the laptop keyboard. This means you can work virtually anywhere and you don’t need to carry around a keyboard with you. However, if you upgrade by getting a dedicated keyboard, then you can expect to see the following advantages:

  • A separate keyboard lets you raise the height of your laptop so you don’t have to bend your neck down to see what’s on the screen.
  • People might find it easier to use a full-sized keyboard with all dedicated function keys and a full-sized Numpad which might not be present on a small laptop.
  • You can adjust the height of your keyboard for a more comfortable typing experience.

A new keyboard can have macro keys and more functionality

A plain old keyboard can be fairly limiting these days. If you invest in a brand-new mechanical keyboard with macro keys or even a special macro keypad, then you can edit the keys to perform unique functions that could drastically speed up your workflow. For example, a keyboard with macro keys lets you program automatic button presses, and some more advanced macro software can even let you launch programs.

A great example of how to use this would be repeating tasks that you do over and over again at work. For example, maybe you have a series of keyboard presses that you repeat on a daily basis. This could be something as simple as pressing Ctrl+A to highlight everything and then Ctrl+C to copy everything. This requires two separate keystrokes, but you can record these two presses into a single button instead. This saves you a bit of hassle and helps people who find it awkward to press these two keybinds separately.

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