Getting Your Staff Back Into the Office for Good

The past few years have been pretty difficult for many of us. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic was entirely unprecedented and it caused rules limiting time spent around other people. In regard to business, many business owners had to implement remote working operations, allowing their company to continue making sales while protecting their staff as best possible. Now that vaccines have been rolled out and things are slowly returning to normal, many business owners are considering getting their staff back in office. Here’s some information that will allow you to achieve this goal as simply as possible.

Why Do You Want Staff In Office?

The first question to ask yourself on your venture to getting your team back in-office is to question why you are set on getting your team back in. If your team are requesting a return to office because they prefer this mode of work, then great – you can start creating the right environment for them to return to. However, if you’re struggling to encourage team members to return and are finding that many are applying elsewhere to remote jobs, you may need to consider remote working as a more long term option. Remote working has proven extremely preferable to many people for many reasons. They can save time and money commuting. They don’t have to worry about parking. They can work from an environment that they control, including temperature settings, noise levels and more. If your business can’t work on a fully remote level, you can always consider hybrid working, with some attendance in office and some work from home days.

Revamping Your Office

If staff are heading back into office, it’s important that they are welcomed by a pleasant and professional environment. Work with office outfitters to ensure that the space has Heat Interface Units in standard & custom models by Thermal Integration, air conditioning units, ergonomically designed furniture, ergonomic equipment such as foot rests and back supports and anything else your team needs to work safely and comfortably. You may also need to update your office kitchen and break rooms.


People are still on edge about Covid-19 and illness, so you need to make sure that the space is always as clean as possible. Hire professional cleaning staff to attend your office once a day. They’ll be able to deal with basic and routine cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, wiping down desks, cleaning work surfaces in the office kitchen and cleaning toilets. You may also want to hire window cleaners to clean the windows and any glass spaces within your office, such as the walls of meeting rooms.

Welcome Back Induction

You should make sure to hold a meeting welcoming your staff back into the office. During this meeting, you may also want to repeat your team’s induction, ensuring they know all safety protocol including where fire escapes and meeting points are.

This can be a difficult transition for any office based team, but hopefully, some of the above advice will help to smooth the entire process out.

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