How To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Landing Page

No matter if we are talking about PPC campaigns, e-mail marketing or organic search engine marketing your landing page is maybe the most important part that you have to consider. When we are talking about organic search benefits well written and optimized landing page with content with relevant keywords will get you better results in SERPs for the specific keywords that you are targeting. And of course that means more quality and targeted traffic for you. If you are running a PPC campaign if your landing page is stuctured well and optimized you’ll get higher conversion rates and Quality score which will lead to lower budget.

1. Be Simple

Don’t flood your page with too much unneccussary information and data. Just remember to be focused on what you want to tell the users and tell them in the most simple way. That way you will help your visitors to really understand what is your landing page about and what exactly are you offering them.

2. It’s all about content!

Pay extra attention when you are writing the content of your landing page. The most important thing to consider is relevancy. Make a short list of keywords that are relevant to the services/products that you advertise and try to include them in your content. Don’t forget to provide the users with useful and relevant information.

3. Don’t confuse your customers

Every user that is coming on your landing page is potential customer. So be careful and try to make your page easy for navigation. Make sure that the most important information for you or your services is exposed well and is easy to find. Pay attention to your contact details and make them easy to find.

4. Be careful with call to actions

Using call to actions is great way to engage your potential customers and make them like your FB page, share your offers or buy your products. You have to keep in mind that one of the most common mistakes here is that people often use numerous call to actions. Instead of asking your customers to make 100 things at a time, just keep it simple. Focus on drivig a single call to action. This way is more likely to actually get people to do what you want. There is no point to confuse them with many actions.

5. Use testimonials

One of the most effective and proven method for building your reputation among your potential customers is to use testimonials on your landing page. Users are more likelu to use your services or buy your products if someone else guarantees for you.

This article was written by Vasilena Trendafilova, who is currently working as a SEO specialist. She is interested in SEO, online marketing, and social media websites. If you want to read more of her tips and ideas regarding SEO you can follow her on Twitter.

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