Getting Traffic Through Youtube Marketing

Everyone wants to rank on the very first page of Google and there are only limited places over there. Yes I could have said 10 but nowadays that is also not a fact as some keywords would show you 7 results while some will have lots of video results and all in the results. And that is where youtube marketing comes in. Ranking a youtube video for a particular keyword is much more easier then ranking your website for that term. It would still depend from keyword to keyword but in most of the cases that is the scenario where you can easily rank for a particular keyword with your youtube video.

Youtube Marketing

Moreover stats do speak for themselves. Last year in USA the Television viewership saw a growth of 0.2% while internet video viewing saw a growth of 35% and mobile video viewing saw a growth of 20%. So yes there are immense possibilities over here to get the word out.

In order to achieve this you can easily create a video landing page and your custom channel on youtube. It isn’t a rocket science to do so. You can easily get youtube templates from the internet and if you do have graphics skills then you can make it yourself.

Now to create videos you can use your imagination on that. If you don’t have that kind of imagination then you can easily compile videos in form of presentations or by requesting your users to submit a video testimonial for your product or service.

Once you have the videos all you have to do is optimize it by setting proper title and description for that video on youtube. To optimize your title make sure that you are using your keywords in the very start of your title. You should stay away from over optimization as it should also be easily readable by human. Keep it readable as well as keyword rich is the trick here.

For description you can start your description with a URL for your landing page and then write a detailed description about your video. Same rules apply here also and that is to keep it in human readable format.

Now you have to make your video popular. First of all share it on social networks so that your friends and followers can see it and comment on it. If you don’t have a huge following then you can easily Buy YouTube Views Reviews. I normally buy my video views from Devumi.

Keep doing this and soon you will have yet another traffic source for your website or brand name.

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