5 WordPress Tips We All Wanted To Know

There is no blogger or webmaster who would not know anything about WordPress today. This is a free and easy-to-use software for everyone who wants to have a nice blog or website of his own. WordPress is based on PHP, and it includes many templates and other features to make your blogging comfortable and exciting.

Some features of WordPress remain hidden for experienced bloggers even, because they usually use its general tricks only. But if you want to reveal some secrets of WordPress, you should know these small tips to help you use this software in full. So, just keep reading and try to remember.

You can optimize your title

Did you know that you might adjust your title tag to make your wordpress title more optimal? Try this code to make the pages of your site more search friendly:

You can display your guest authors’ names

Some bloggers come to share their guest articles with you, but they plan to do it once only. And it happens, that you have no chance to display their authors’ names and create any separate profiles for them. But it is still possible to do via custom field, using the following code:

You can add e-mail button

Your readers will be pleased to have an opportunity to contact you, and you are welcome to use one of contact form plug-ins that your WordPress gives you, because it will help you avoid spammers (they will not have a chance to see you e-mail). To do this, you may use the following simple code:

You can add a re-tweet button

Do you want to give your readers a chance to share the content of your blog faster? You may add a re-tweet button, so they will share your articles with one click! WordPress gives you a chance to add both big and small buttons, so, it is up to you to choose one that fits you most.

If you want a big re-tweet button, use this code:

For a small button, the following code should be used:

You can display relative dates

It is very easy to do actually, but you will need to download this plug-in for this goal: WP-Relative Date. Activate it, and replace your default code of page.php, single.php and index.php with the following code:

Do you know any other WordPress tricks to use? Please, do not hesitate sharing them in comments.

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