Do You Need SEO Software For Your Business?

Undertaking SEO tasks for any business can be extremely difficult or confusing, particularly for those without any online marketing or SEO experience. The internet holds a wealth of information to train you in the basics, but it’s difficult to know which sources to trust, how to get right down to the nitty gritty, and if you are implementing the correct strategy for your website. The internet is ever changing, and with it SEO must change; data is not static, and it varies based on a number of different factors – your industry, competitors, the guidelines of search engines, the popularity of your industry. Some choose to stick to the very basics of SEO, and some choose  to outsource their SEO to online marketing companies. But, for those who want to carry SEO out in-house, SEO software could well be the best option to ensure that you are on top of what is happening with your website and industry. Here’s three reasons why SEO software management could be the best option for your company:

Streamlining: SEO is not an easy business, and requires extensive research, time and brain power. SEO software streamlines everything for you; reports, tracking your website’s stats, tracking your competitors, even link building and page title generation services are offered by some software companies. SEO software is usually easy to use, easy to train staff in, and cuts the time you spend on SEO and link building each month down significantly.

Updating: Search engines are constantly changing their guidelines and making updates that those who work on the web have to keep up with. When running a business and undertaking your own SEO duties, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with updates and changes – we saw this earlier this year with Google’s Penguin update, which changed the way in which link building could be undertaken extensively. SEO software is constantly updated by the developers – you’ll never miss an update or change, plus if you do acquire software with link building services, the software may simply change for you so you aren’t going against any new guidelines.

Research: As mentioned, a significant amount of SEO time is spent on research for keywords, competitors, and content – not to mention creating content, changing onsite content and building links. SEO software can often do all the research for you; it can often provide you with the key competitors in your industry – whether locally, nationally or internationally – plus keyword, page title and content suggestions. You can keep up to date with your page and domain rankings, and ensure that you’re ranking as well as possible with all the research information you acquire through the software.

For those undertaking their own SEO with limited time and resources to do so effectively or to a high degree, SEO software is a great option. Not only can it be streamlined, is constantly updated, and can provide you with valuable research, it is also often customisable to your business requirements.

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