The Difference Between Web Developers and Web Designers

People who do not know much about the Internet often think that web developers and designers are the same. There is actually a big difference between the two, but there are also some similarities that they share. It is important that business owners who need their services understand their skills. With this, they can get a great website that meets their needs.

Web Developers

Web developers are more focused on the technical aspects of creating websites. They are generally good at math and problem-solving. Their main responsibility is to generate code for web pages. They write code in different languages. It can be in CSS, HTML, Javascript, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Python, Ruby, Perl or SQL. Most of the time, they work with FTP clients, text editors, development plug-ins and different browsers.

Web developers deal with processing the data that clients provide. They ensure that the menu works and database entries are managed. They are expected to be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editing packages. Web developers are also called programmers. However, they actually have more responsibilities and skills than conventional software developers.

Additionally, web developers understand how web forms work. They are trained to test website usability and keep sites running efficiently. Web development includes the website’s back-end, the page interaction and the programing. Another responsibility that developers assume is interacting with network and database administrators.

Web Designers

On the other hand, web designers are more artistic and creative than web developers. They have the skills to visualize what clients want their websites to look like. They have great imaginations, and they are able to convert their ideas into designs. Web designers aim to impress the future site visitors and viewers.

There are some designers who learn typography and user interface design. Additionally, they are experts in using tools like DreamWeaver, Illustrator and Photoshop. Splicing images, coding CSS, writing HTML and editing images are also part of their responsibilities. They are the creative experts in any web project.

Web designers are more focused on the interface’s look and feel. They determine the best colors to use, the text placement and where the menu should be displayed. They ensure that the interface creates a bridge between the customers, web development team and the company management.

These experts design the sites to make sure that companies deliver their message effectively without compromising the site’s functionality. Designers possess good communication skills as they deal with clients directly.

Choosing Between a Web Designer and Web Developer

Choosing between the two professionals will solely depend on the client’s needs. With this, it is important that clients know exactly what they want to do before they decide on hiring anyone. Basically, businesses that are planning to build a new website or redesign their existing one may hire a web designer. Conversely, those who are looking for someone to work on e-commerce solutions, databases or application integration need to call for experts in web development.

There are some web designers who possess a bit of knowledge about web development. There are also some developers who know a little about design. Highly talented designers can also be developers and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to determine what skills a particular web-based project requires to find the right person to handle the task.

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