5 Ways to Optimize your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the premiere way to set up a site. It is easy to manage and even easier to install which is why people all over the world are adopting this new CMS. Furthermore wordpress sites are some of the easiest to manage and sustain with a never ending amount of plugins. The one thing that people still have problems with is managing their optimization of the site. Although it is not extremely hard to manage it, you do need a little bit of PHP, seo and css knowledge.

1. Adding in the SEO Plugin
This is one of the easiest ways to help optimize your site for the search engines. These seo plugins are great at adding meta tags and keywords to each post and page that you make. They also influence what the title of your site shows to search engines like Google and Yahoo. Either way, a simple install of this plugin can make your search engine optimization site a lot easier.

2. Cache Plugins
Another thing that search engines are cautious about is the speed of your site. Who wants to wait minutes just to see the site load, the answer is no one. Take the time to get these cache plugins that also help speed up your site by a lot. Cache plugins saves your site in the browser of your visitors and the next time you access the site it loads at a faster speed.

3. Adding in Bold, Italicized and Underlined text
One of the many things that is not utilized enough especially in wordpress blogs. These help in showing search engines what your keywords are and what specific phrases should be focused. Take a few seconds on each article that you write and try to italicize, bold and underline one keyword that is important each time.

4. CSS Optimization
This is another technique to help with speed loading problems that some wordpress sites might have. If you know extensive knowledge about CSS then you know that you can optimize it efficiently for your wordpress blogs and probably have already done so. However for those that cannot I suggest getting someone to help you out.

5. A new theme?
Many people have had problems with conversions either on their SEO, adsense or affiliate sites. If you have tried everything above and it still does not work out then you need a major change to your whole entire site. The easiest thing to do would either be implementing a new theme or changing the one you have.

Use these simple yet effective tips and start making amazing wordpress sites for yourself or maybe for a potential client. WordPress sites are limitless in the possibilities that they posses.

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