3 Ways to Improve Workplace Digital Literacy

If you browse through forums or look inter workplace-related memes, one common theme that comes up is digital literacy. More specifically older generations such as boomers do not understand how to use a computer and expect their younger coworkers to teach them the simplest tasks. Now, this can come off as a surprise, especially considering the fact that this older generation gets paid more but most of the time doesn’t use tech such as computers, which then creates a lack of efficiency in the office. So who exactly is to blame for this?

Technically, it’s the employer who hasn’t been pushing towards digital literacy. If you want your business to keep up with competitors, stay productive, and have a steady workflow then there needs to be digital literacy present. Making the office more digital-based is going to make your business greener.  If you’re a business owner or working in upper management, these are some ways to achieve that.

Inform everyone why it’s Important

For the most part, employees are willing to learn, and they know they’ll have no choice if it’s pushed onto them. New technologies can be intimidating, but as a business leader you have to know why digital literacy is so important and this has to be pushed towards your teammates as well. They need to know that this can impact their productivity and performance and make their work significantly easier. There’s the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s merely further from the case.

When it comes to having a business and ensuring its success, it needs to be established that changes will need to be taken into place. Businesses have to welcome change or else they risk their business falling behind. More than enough businesses have made that mistake believing that certain technologies are only going to be temporary. Never make this assumption as it could leave to the demise of the business. Not all tech is difficult to learn either, Filemaker Pro is a great example as this is designed to make work for the employees so much easier.

Have an assessment

While assessments are very time-consuming, they’re usually proven to work out beautifully. So what can be done? You can either create a test and try to narrow down a conclusion that way, or you and your team and go individually to people to see who is struggling the most with digital literacy.

Training courses

Maybe each person needs some additional help. So why not try to help them out? This can include booking a class for the employees that need more assistance, maybe a little Bootcamp can help them out. Some type of training course could do a lot of good. Some courses are online, but those are as simple as using a mouse to click things, others include videos that can be followed along with. You could hire an instructor who can come by and give up-close and personal help to anyone who needs it. Just don’t be afraid to push this. This is going to help your employees feel more confident in what they do.

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