Some plugins I have used

I thought that I would mention some plugins that I have used here on my blog.

First of all I have used evermore for showing teasers on the main page instead of full text articles.

I have also used Another WordPress Meta Plugin for custom meta keywords and description for each page or post that I make.

Optimal title for modified and optimized titles instead of default wordpress titles.

Star ratings and reviews plugin to rate and give star ratings to some of my reviews that I might write here on my blog.

In last I am using dynamic google sitemap plugin for creating sitemaps on fly so I can be atleast saving some seconds of mine and can take a peek out of my window instead of staring into my monitor.

Updated 1st September 2008

Recently added FeedBurner FeedSmith to redirect all feeds requests to feedburner by default. So it allows better tracking for all my feed subscribers.

For Social Bookmarking buttons that you see below each post on its page, I have used Social Bookmarking Reloaded

Some more plugin ideas are there in my mind but maybe I will get some free time and search for them and if not found then will have to code it out 🙁

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