Promoting Your Website Trough A Successful Business Event

Putting on a business event is an exciting endeavor, your chance to show off your branding, forge connections, and achieve your goals. There’s plenty to consider when you’re planning a business event, so these five simple tips may well come in handy.

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1 . Define your goals

First up, when you’re planning a business event, it helps to define your business goals. Perhaps it’s a networking event to gain valuable contacts and boost your brand awareness? Maybe it’s a product launch or an opportunity to tell your brand story? Perhaps your goal is to expand your mailing list of leads or to gain some media attention? You might have more than one goal, and it’s important to create a roadmap to success.

2. Perfect your marketing plan

Behind every business event is a great marketing plan. You should start promoting your event well in advance and carefully consider the mediums you choose. Your marketing needs to make it clear what people will gain from attending. Make sure they know why this is a business event not to be missed. You might choose to run an email marketing campaign, use social media, or even host a promotional webinar. The more attendees you get at your event, the better, so now is the time to supercharge your marketing.

3. Create a media buzz

You’ll want to generate as much media hype as possible around your event. Ensure that you send out press releases and invite appropriate reporters. The more publicity, the better, and don’t forget to spread the word using social marketing. To create a hype, start a countdown to your event, and post info about your preparations. Once the event is well under way, have your staff members live tweet to keep up the buzz. You can also create another press release once the event is over. Doing so will gain continued publicity amongst those guests who couldn’t make it.

4. Set your budget

Setting yourself a strict budget is important from the get-go. You’ll want a clear idea of what are going to be your biggest expenses, plus the areas that you can save money. Now is the time to get in touch with business contacts, you might be able to get a good deal on supplies in exchange for publicity. Remember, you don’t have to blow the budget to put on a great event, there are deals to be found if you take your time to shop around.

5. The right events company

Most importantly of all, it’s vital to choose the right events company. Look for an experiential events company who like to do things outside of the box. Marble LDN have plenty of experience in putting on highly creative and compelling events. They offer an events project management service including event styling; proposals and costing; timeline management; and supplier management. Marble LDN also has plenty of experience in both conceptualization and storytelling for brands. A detailed and creative plan will ensure that your event makes a real impression.

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