How To Master Internet Marketing In 4 Easy Steps

You do not have to necessarily be a marketing guru or genius in order to learn how to maximize your online presence. Nowadays, its imperative that all business owners learn internet marketing strategies in order to sustain and grow their online presence. Whether it’s maintaining a Facebook account or developing a list of backlinks; internet marketing can be easily mastered. Here are is a quick overview of how to master internet marketing in four easy steps.

How To Master Internet Marketing In 4 Easy Steps

Learn HTML for SEO Purposes

Most people often miss out on this very important basic. Your site is designed on the foundation of HTML. Although HTML might seem complicated, it’s really not. Learning HTML for SEO purposes will first help you master internet marketing. Learn how to make your site more search engine friendly by learning how to strategically put keywords in meta tags, anchor tags, alt tags and other html tags relevant to your site.

Keyword Research

Now that you have played around a bit with optimizing your site’s HTML file, it’s time to make a serious list of keywords relevant to the content on your site. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find the popular keywords that have low competition that will drive a ton of traffic to your site. Google and other awesome keyword research tools will give you a long list of keywords that can be used. But remember, use keywords strategically. Not placing them in relevant content or deliberately using them out of place can potentially penalize your website in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Start creating content centered around those keywords. Consulting with a reputable firm like OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Agency can help you come up with a serious keyword list that will drive your content strategy.


Now that you have keywords and hopefully some content, it’s time to find sites that index high with Google and Yahoo. Whether it’s a popular blog, online magazine, forum, or a news site – there are a variety of sites that will be excellent sources of backlinks to your site. The goal is to get as many sites as possible to reference your content. When Google and other search engines periodically “crawl” websites to look for new content and other information, constant recognition of your site’s URL will improve your search engine visibility. This is the mother of all internet marketing strategies.

Get on Social Media!

You have an awesome website, a huge list of keywords, great content, a list of backlinks – now the goal is to proliferate your media onto social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. Google’s search algorithm is beginning to recognize the importance of social media shares. People who like and share content on these sites will help you improve your site’s search engine visibility. Whether you have some great recipes to share or some workout videos on Youtube, get them out to your audience ASAP! This will not only drive your viral marketing efforts, but also help rank your site high in organic search results based on those keywords that you’ve initially research.

After reading these four tips, internet marketing isn’t hard at all! It’s just a matter of coming up with the right keywords that will be at the forefront of your content creation strategy.

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