Hassle-Free Website Creation with WordPress

It is no secret in the blogging and online entrepreneurship world that WordPress tops the list of best blogging platforms today. Because of its user-friendly features and rank-boosting settings, WordPress constantly outperforms other platforms, making it a top choice especially for both start-up and experienced blog and website creators.

Why WordPress Is The Best Website Builder

To start off with the top reasons, here are WordPress perks that make life easier for website builders:

1. User-Friendly Interface

After creating a WordPress account and initially browsing through the dashboard, you’ll immediately find your way around due to the site’s simple yet sleek design. Settings for each step of website-building are clearly labelled, and for each feature there are a lot of additional guides and options to give your choices more variety. Even a newbie can launch a classy website in a matter of hours because of the easy-to-navigate features of WordPress. You don’t have to be an IT major or an HTML expert to create your very own website—everything from page layouts down the font color can be tweaked in just a few clicks.

2. A Multitude of Plugins

You’ll never have to worry about making your new website exciting. WordPress is packed with a ton of plugins for you to choose from—everything’s there from social network sharing, website stats, subscription signup, RSS feeds, to even the most random widgets. And the best part of it all is they’re all offered for free. With WordPress, you can give your website visitors an interactive experience without having to actually shell out money.

3. Web Optimization Features

Of course, you want word out about your website. WordPress knows this, that’s why it has permalink features that automatically assign links for each of your web posts. This will make it easier for the rest of the online world to know that your site exists. This is a major perk of using WordPress—each of your website posts will be assigned a permalink. Plus, you can also add permalinks to all your pages, making everything in your website known to the world. Your effort at creating good content and interactive features won’t go to waste.

Also, WordPress is SEO-friendly so ranking in search engines won’t be much of a problem. You also need not worry about turning off your visitors with spammy comments—WordPress is spam-proof. All too often, readers get turned off once they see a discussion thread that’s brimming with links here and there—it doesn’t do good on the website’s credibility and ability to offer help to its target clients.

With WordPress everything is taken care of from marketability, ranking, bounce rate, and reader retention. All you really need to focus on is creating good content, because WordPress will assist you with almost everything else in your website creation process. Being able to combine functionality and convenient viewing experience is the primary reason why WordPress is the best website builder today.

Josh McCahum is a website content expert for www.make-a-web-site.com. He is an authority on SEO techniques, website optimization, website-building, and website maintenance.

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