Getting into Facebook

Everyone wants to interact on the internet. When blogs started it was via comments which most of us know were heavily abused by SEOs and Link Builders so came the nofollow stuff. Some big blogs don’t allow URL to be entered and some are not even allowing comments now.

Most of the interaction, friends activity and chatting is now taking place on facebook. As facebook became a daily part of many people’s lives, it has opened up new oppurtunities for marketing as building a brand name via the internet.

As you can see on my own sidebar I have feedburner and twitter icons. I was trying to get some facebook stuff onto my blog. I came across many options like creating a facebook fan page, or starting a facebook group, etc. On widgets side I thought about getting the facebook badge on my site and all the stuff. Well in end I settled for a facebook LIKE button 😉

I also created some Fan pages and did some FBML for some clients so I am thinking to try out the stuff on facebook with its FBML stuff.

Well lets see. Until then I am trying to use a Facebook icon in sidebar that will take you to my new facebook fanpage and you can check out my FBML stuff there.

Next time I will write something about FBML and how to make your customize your facebook fan page.

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