Do You know Worth of Nofollow backlink to your site

It is the age of blogging and the word “following” means quite a lot to bloggers, to say the least. One thing that bloggers encourage is comments, lots of them. It is these comments that enable the blog owner to mingle with their readers and get some constructive advice even. In comes the word “spam”. Yes, people use the comment box as some ground for advertising their own sites, products, whatever.

The Dofollow and the Nofollow

Before going into the importance of the Nofollow link it is important to know about the “Dofollow” link, what they are and why they are. The Nofollow terminology was created and is scrupulously followed by many famous blogging and social networking sites. This is to ensure that spammers do not overload the comment section with backlinks to their own sites in order to boost THEIR web traffic. The Dofollow terminology is exactly the opposite, as in you can set your site or blog up with it if you don’t mind what the Nofollow puts an end too.

So what’s the big Nofollow deal?

Ok, seriously, think! You have this blog that you write painstakingly. Can you actually bear your blog and its comment box to be used as some ground for other irrelevant advertisement and not the purpose it was meant for? A blog means a lot to most bloggers since it sort of provides them with personal space and every new comment excites them. How annoying to see a batch of lame links under a splendid piece of writing! The Nofollow simply means you are taking charge and not letting anyone misuse your place.

Technically speaking…

Nofollow backlinking means you telling the search engine not to follow this link. Yes, this won’t stop people from posting but them knowing that there is no use and your site is not supporting backlinking can hold them back. Many people think Nofollow backlinking is bad for your own web traffic but truth is they help your site get associated with the keywords included in the URL that points to your site, also known as anchor text. They increase your site exposure overall and you might end up getting many mentions via DoFollow links!

NoWorry, NoFollow gets you traffic

As mentioned earlier, many high up sites and blogging domains follow NoFollow backlinking and are still getting a huge amount of traffic. The gist of it is, if you can get users to somehow see your NoFollow link you can get your desired traffic even if it’s not sprouting up on all search engines.

In a nutshell, NoFollow backlinking is the classy way to live on the web. You’re not desperate for traffic and are able to control those who are. Rather than letting your site appear through the sites of others, as a corner mention, you can build it up to be top notch anyway and it will not affect the amount of traffic you want. Some people even get a mix of the NoFollow and the Dofollow for comparison. Finally, it also rids you of those good for nothing spammers!

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