The Best Server Options For Colocation

For most small sized companies, colocation represents the best and most cost effective method for enjoying a high end IT setup.  Colocation is where a company purchases its own servers and then installs them within a third-party data center facility. Colocation centers that provide managed services are responsible for making sure that the servers remain online 24x7x365.

Types of Servers

The two types of servers that companies can opt for include blade as well as rack mountable server machines.

Blade Servers

An individual blade server unit comprises of a chassis which holds a number of smaller servers. Each individual server provides dedicated processing power which can be redirected towards a single application. Blade servers can also be mounted on racks. Blade servers have the ability to provide a higher amount of processing power in less rack space when compared with other similar types of equipment.

Rack Mountable Servers

A single rack can hold an individual server machine which has the ability to provide processing power to a number of applications. Companies tend to purchase multiple rack servers that are joined together to power up a number of applications in accordance with business needs.

Floor Standing Server Racks

These are extremely bulky and heavy to move around. However, they do offer a lot of space for storing networking equipment such as cables. When opting for these types of racks, it is assumed that the server room has a lot of space. On the other hand, these servers can generate a lot of heat which is why it is important to place them within a facility that has a great cooling system.

Comparing Colocation with Data Centers

A data center facility is limited in terms of capacity. For instance, a facility can only hold a certain number of servers due to power, cooling and space considerations.

In comparison, a colocation facility normally runs at a certain percentage of the total load that it can bear. Therefore, companies that want more server space just have to pay for it to install extra equipment.

Nevertheless, data centers provide complete control over every aspect of an IT infrastructure. That is why Enterprise companies prefer data center facilities over colocation centers. However, these days, most enterprises are now looking towards colocation services because they are much cheaper and can provide the same sort of control and security that data centers offer.

Consequently, when it comes to colocation facilities, companies can choose from a number of different server options depending upon what their business needs are. For first timers, an IT professional’s assistance in regards to purchase of equipment is necessary though colocation facilities provide installation services.

Reid Fricklen writes about colocation services in the Houston Area.  He believes colocation should be considered by any company looking for data security. Reid discusses the benefits of colocation and data centers for companies large and small.

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