SEO Optimized titles to target multiple keywords

Recently I did had a website that wasn’t performing well enough in the rankings. My staff was writing content and doing the marketing for it. I was feeling bit awkward with the title structure as it was good but it could be better. Moreover this was a complete renovation of an old site that used to be there for 5 years.

As soon as the keyword was changed it was thrown on the last page of search results. After some months of marketing and good backlinks it started recovering. Therefore this time I was bit timid to again make some major changes to it. But it was a situation where I could not get something more just because there was a chance of losing whatever I had.

I did thought on the things and in end I decided that no matter what happen.. some risk has to be taken if I want to get something much more out of the website. I got in touch with one of my online friend who works as a search engine optimization consultant for a SEO Manchester agency, BluDelta Ltd (these guys are also reputable local SEO Stockport service providers). He advised me to go ahead and do the change. He did some research for me and came up with some good titles to choose from. He also sent me the numbers for the competition as well as search volume for the related keywords that were being used in the titles. He also promised me that it will be all good in end.

Well… so I did it and am seeing some great results from somedays. Where Google used to send me around 10 visitors per day on that site. It is now sending 200 per day. Yahoo used to send 2 or 5 visitors per day is now sending 70 to 80 visitors everyday. Same is with Bing. Lets hope this things work out nicely and further down the road there aren’t any changes that I would have to make. Oh yes sometimes I do commit very silly mistakes, this time there aren’t any chances that I might have made one as I am learning to take second opinions on the things I do and am keeping in contact with proper people who can give an opinion which counts.

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