How to Grow Your RSS Subscribers

Few things excite blog owners more than witnessing their RSS subscriber count climb. If you’re interested in making money with your blog, you’re first going to need to have a substantial amount of traffic and RSS subscribers. From displaying a huge RSS icon on your blog to publicly displaying your subscriber count, there are many ways an individual can go about growing their RSS subscribers.

Below are 10 Ways to Increase Your RSS Subscriber Count

1. Display a huge RSS icon on your blog. If you want people to subscribe via RSS, you’re first going to need to make the process extremely easy. A large RSS icon, preferably placed above the fold, will help draw attention to the fact that your blog offers RSS subscription services.

2. Provide email subscription in addition to RSS subscription. Few people know what RSS subscription services entail. Email subscriptions, on the other hand, are easily understandable. Consider using an email subscription form instead of an email subscription icon, as a form is more visible than an icon and more popular.

3. Create and publish valuable content. Creating and publishing high quality content on your blog is one of the easiest ways to grow your RSS subscriber count. If your content is dry, full of mistakes or low in quality, few people will subscribe as a result.

4. Throw contests on your blog. If you want to gain a substantial amount of subscribers, consider running contests on your blog. Choose high quality prizes to draw a large crowd. If you want to up the ante, only allow RSS subscribers the chance to enter the contests.

5. Ask for RSS subscribers. Create a post detailing your desire to gain RSS subscribers. If you’re publicly honest about why you want to attain RSS subscribers, some people may subscribe as a result.

6. Email your commenter’s and ask them to subscribe. If done respectively, contacting your commenter’s and asking them to subscribe via RSS can be a successful way to grow your RSS subscribers.

7. Place an RSS subscription form and email subscription form beneath each post you publish. Attaching an RSS subscription and email form under each post you publish will keep your subscription forms visible.

8. Display your subscriber count to entice others to subscribe to your blog. If you already have a lot of RSS subscribers, you can easily gain additional subscribers by publicly displaying your subscriber count.

9. Keep your blog or posts focused on a specific niche. If your blog is focused on a specific niche, avoid straying off topic or potential subscribers may get aggravated and avoid subscribing to your blog.

10. Write guest posts on a few popular blogs that have a niche similar to your own. If you want to gain a lot of RSS subscribers, consider writing a few guest posts for high traffic blogs. Before you write a guest post, first make sure the blog owner will allow you the opportunity to provide a short profile at the beginning or end of the guest post, respectively linking back to your blog.

Growing your RSS subscriber count can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish, yet it doesn’t have to be if you know a few surefire methods beforehand. If you want to know how to grow your RSS subscribers, consider trying a few of the above listed techniques.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for 3 years; she contributes to blogs that deal with step by step instructions for how to create a website and how cloud computing can be a great way to store data.

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