How To Prepare For Your Company’s Busy Season

There may be times throughout the year that business picks up and truly requires all your time and attention. You likely know when these peaks are or will be coming so it makes it a bit easier to plan and get ready.

What you don’t want to do is fail to acknowledge these hectic times and be unprepared for them. Be proactive and start thinking about the work that will need to get done in the future now while you have a chance. Here is how to prepare for your company’s busy season and ensure it remains a productive and positive time for all.

Make A Plan

You will not do too well and will likely have a lot of fires to put out if you fail to map out a plan for how you want to handle your company’s busy season. Stop and take the time to figure out what is upcoming and what will need to get done by when. Write down these tasks and be ready to use your project management skills to their fullest. Start with the end in mind and work backward to determine what projects you’ll need to take care of and what types of resources you’ll need to do the work. Set goals for what you want to accomplish and make sure all deadlines are clear so you stay on track.

Hire & Train Now

You can prepare for your company’s busy season by hiring and training your staff now. Figure out what types of gaps you have on your teams and who you’ll need to hire full-time or temporarily to complete the work. One option is to look into tips and best practices for hiring on linkedin which has a large pool of talent and might be the best choice for you when you need to find the right people fast. Once you establish your teams and fill open roles then commit to training your employees now so that they’re ready to tackle the work when it’s time to begin.


Leaving people in the dark about what’s upcoming will likely backfire on you and cause you more headaches and stress. Instead, open up and communicate to your employees and leadership team about what’s on the horizon and what will need to get done. Assign roles and responsibilities and hold regular team and company-wide meetings so that you’re all on the same page and know what to expect. You can also keep everyone informed through company emails, on your company chat platform, and by having in-person conversations about expectations.

Have Ways to Reduce & Manage Stress

What’s inevitable is that along with more work will be more stress. Prepare for your company’s busy season by having ways to reduce and manage your stress in the workplace so that you don’t become overwhelmed. As the company owner, you must set the right tone and be a good example of how to stay level-headed and focused in busy times. Not only find ways to reduce your stress but then also make it easy for your employees to do the same at work. For example, you may want to treat them to some meals, set up a game and break room, and give them additional time off before or after the busy season.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Customers

Unfortunately, when you and your team get busy at work you may let other important tasks and initiatives slip through the cracks. One aspect you can’t forget about is your customers and making sure you’re continuing to best serve them. Avoid losing sight of your customers by having plenty of customer service employees available to respond to questions and inquiries. Make sure you’re also set up and present online in this case so that your customers can get in touch with you or get their questions answered on your company website and social media platforms as well. Be ready to go in this area by the time the busy season rolls around so that you can focus on what you’re doing and feel good knowing your customers are being taken care of.


These are some useful and practical tips for how you can prepare for your company’s busy season. While it may be tempting to put off thinking about it and through it, it’s in your best interest to begin planning now so that you can reduce stress and overcome obstacles later on. Most importantly, take care of yourself and each other so that you can all be at your best and get the work done together promptly and correctly.

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