Domainers have nothing to blog

I am seeing from somedays that most of the domaining blogs contains worthless posts then ever. I am not saying that domain market is dying or anything else. All I am trying to say is nothing new is happening. Just that old domains changing hands from here to there for a margin. [Margin here is not defined. Some big players still take bigger margins in this type of economy too]

People are clueless. They don’t know what is going on and when is that big wave coming next. If there is just a little hint of a big wave coming soon then things will start picking up. As of now most of the threads for sale are having 1 Opening post and 10 bumps below it. Nothing else.

Most of them are dumping parking and moving towards development. As if development is that easy. What they get is a bunch of BS talk from an ebook that tells them to develop minisites and they end up spending more on those ebooks then they earn from minisites.

I will still vote for a full fledged development. Costs and efforts are invovled much more then the minisite creation but then the returns are also bigger.

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