Brand Recognition Marketing: 4 Essential Strategies

Brand recognition or awareness is all about making sure that a consumer can easily identify your business and what you have to offer them. It includes a wide range of factors from visual branding, to tone of voice, to packaging.

Good brand awareness is crucial because it is the cornerstone of all your other marketing efforts. After all, if your customer is confused as to who is behind the marketing they are seeing, all your effort will have gone to waste. The good news is that there are many ways to boost brand recognition. Read on to find out what they are.

Referral programs

One effective way of boosting brand recognition is to use a referral program. This means that you encourage current and previous customers to refer members of their friends, familys, and social groups to your business.

The great thing about referral marketing is that you already have the trust of the potential client because they will have gotten a word of mouth referral. This increases the validity of your brand right away, and will ensure that it’s associated with quality, and positives.

Local partnerships

Teaming up with local organisations or businesses is also a great way of building brand recognition for your business. This is because it allows many people to be exposed to your brand, and associate it with a positive event or experience. In turn this means that your business’s brand will stick in their heads, and then be the first place they turn and trust when it comes to making a purchase in line with your niche.

Physical marketing assets

Another great way to effectively boost brand recognition is through signage and other physical marketing assets. Indeed, such as these High impact signs and visuals from envirosigns are particularly effective when it comes to encouraging brand recognition because they include visual aspects and can be placed close to your products, for example on a specific display.

They can also be used to mark out your shop or business premises in the wider world, which means even those that aren’t visiting you, wil be exposed to your sign, and so your branding, making sure they recognise your name.

Great written content

Many people make the mistake of thinking that brand recognition is all about visual branding. However, while it does play a big part, there are many other aspects to brand recognition to consider as well.

One of these is the written content that you produce and put out as a business. Indeed, because content is often the first contact that any business has with you, making sure it’s of high quality and is consistent with your brand voice is essential.

To that end, making sure you invest in professional written content for your website and media channels is the best choice. Where possible try to use a professional that specialises in your specific niche as they will be able to produce the very best content to represent your business online.

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