Australia Search Engine Optimisation

Many times businesses make the mistake of considering all types of search engine optimisation the same no matter the country target. Unfortunately this can lead to unexpectedly poor performance in Google and other major search engines. For example optimising a website for Australia is different than that over the United States. That is why it is important to select a company, such as The Web Showroom, that focuses on Australia search engine optimisation instead of SEO for other countries. One difference that some people might of already detected is that a ‘z’ is not used, but a ‘s’ takes its place.

Still there are other key differences besides spelling. When optimising a website for Australia then it is important to acquire backlinks from related site in the same country. Thus a backlink profile should consist of mostly website with a extension whenever possible. Using backlinks from sites outside the country is fine. However, it looks quite odd to Google if none or only a few of the links come from Australian domains. This is one critical point, out of many, that a company must keep in mind while conducting a search engine optimisation campaign abroad.

Another factor that not many firms consider is a website’s server location. This is important for a couple reasons. One reason is that Google is able to determine the location of a server and factors that into the results displayed. Another part to this is that the server’s location can impact site speed. Generally a server in Australia will deliver content to user in that same region faster than one in the United States. Since Google uses site speed as part of its algorithm, slow speeds can hurt SEO efforts and result in fewer top rankings in the search results.

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