A Short Guide to SEO in 2021

The Internet is now an indispensable communication tool that has eclipsed the TV industry in terms of advertising revenue. Flowing the pandemic even more businesses have been pushed online and require effective SEO to drive traffic. But the world of SEO is changing and new techniques and practices are becoming more useful than previous years. Here’s a short guide to SEO for 2021.


Prior to 2017 voice search was in the minority of SEO strategies. The technology was not slick enough and few people used it pragmatically. Fast forward a few years and you have the emergence and success of Alexander and Google assistant. Not only has the technology massively improved but the market for it has also grown significantly.

It’s thought that the market for voice search will grow from 2 billion dollars in 2017 to 40 billion dollars in 2022. That’s a dramatic increase in voice searches and owes much to the improvement in technology and investment in the service. SEO for voice is slightly different from text searches. With voice it’s more of a priority to achieve the number one spot.


In 2021 Google will be using more featured snippets and microdata on its search engine to help promote services and keep users on its pages for longer. Having your content featured on Google as a snippet is beneficial for your own CTR rates as it helps channel traffic to your website and improves your search engine ranking.

The world of SEO is always changing, incrementally, and the focus on featured snippets in the coming year is likely to make a difference to your search engine positioning and your traffic. It’s recommended to review your snippets this year and optimize them for quality and relevance.


Over the years the Internet has become saturated with content and specialised keywords. This means it’s becoming harder to create effective SEO. One way SEO age comes like: https://www.bluesoftweb.com/ have dealt with the issue is to diversify the content. They use more infographics and video to get an edge on the competition.

In 2021 the SEO market for video is likely to be significant. Video can be uploaded to YouTube as standalone content, with SEO microdata placed in the description. It can also be used as an embed in a webpage, encouraging users to stay on a page for longer and increasing the chances for new and effective SEO.


SEO was once about the title and meta description of your webpages, but those days are long gone. SEO has grown in sophistication and technical know-how since those long ago days. Now SEO strategies combine the expertise of marketing teams, software designers, and creative writers to achieve the most effective results for businesses.

The next development in SEO strategy is UX SEO, which stands for User Experience SEO. This is the process of optimising the website, not only for keywords and search but also for user experience. It’s been shown that UX SEO can increase a company’s revenue by 35% by simply redesigning the homepage – that’s a figure that’s hard to ignore.

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