What Conveniences Could You Offer Your Audience?

Convenience is the name of the game in the modern marketplace. For example, many people are accustomed to paying for their purchases using Apple or Google Pay, and if your checkout fails to offer these processors, then they may choose to buy products or services elsewhere.

Of course, not all companies can provide convenience from the top to the bottom. A mechanic’s car garage will mostly always need you to drive your vehicle to them if you hope for it to be serviced. However, how you deliver certain services surrounding the main event could be improved with diligent effort. So using this example, the mechanic might use a handy online booking system so you didn’t have to wait for ten minutes at the desk to sign in and book your service.

But what conveniences could you offer your audience in advance? In this post, we’ll discuss all of that and more, and hopefully curate a better result for you going forward:

Account Personalization

An opt-in personalization approach can be very convenient for those who regularly use your services, or who may be in any way thinking of it. That might be simple recommendations like offering cart suggestions for items they regularly purchase, subscriptions to save money (like a VIP monthly fee that allows for unlimited free deliveries), and being able to set their own card and address information, shielded by a robust data protection policy. Account personalization can also be gamified, for example, many digital storefronts offer points, referral links, and loyalty schemes that can be redeemed for rewards later on down the line. All of them can be useful and inspire your user to stick around.

Easy Billing & Account Dues

You may be surprised just how helpful easy billing can be, especially if those dues are properly listed in a transparent, simple to read format. Moreover, if you curate this system to work best with the kind of business you run (for example, Netflix allows customers to pay a subscription to several quality-based content options), you may be able to acquire more individuals who could be put off by your first proposition.

But first, you need to set up appropriate vendors to make sure this approach is secure and justified. For example, learning how to get a merchant account for online pharmacies, implementing a modular system so customers can pay for specific content they want to purchase instead of rolling subscriptions, and more can be particularly curated for your own brand needs.

Delivery Trackers

Put simply, those who purchase from you like to know where their product is. You’ve no doubt refreshed delivery tracking services on anything from an ordered pizza to a toaster you purchased from Amazon. Knowing when to be in, when to plan your life around setting the new purchase up, and understanding when an item hasn’t arrived and what to do if that happens is all the information you care for.

Better yet, you rarely have to integrate your own delivery logistics management from the bottom up. Many third-party curious will provide this functionality if you provide tracking information, and may even offer widgets you can place on your website to track the GPS co-ordinates of a driver out for delivery. Integration with these systems can save you a great deal of time, and secure you a worthwhile amount of goodwill.

Referral Links

It’s nice for a customer to be able to celebrate your company and recommend it to those they know. Not all will use this feature, but if they do you could always offer them an automated discount on their next purchase as a reward.

Referral links are simple, easy, effective, and comfortable to use. They can be assigned to client who purchase certain services, or customers who purchase certain items. Even if they use the referral link for someone else in their household, you’re still maximizing your customer base and framing it as a benefit to give them.

Moreover, if they’re confident in your product, offering them a seamless measure of sharing that with others can help them. For example, if you want to share music with a friend, sharing a Spotify or Apple Music referral link with a friend can help you both get into the same ecosystem. This might even benefit your own business if you know how to retain those clients.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to offer your audiences the exact conveniences they need. Over time you’ll see that the easier you can make it for people to use your services, the better off they’ll be.

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