Simplified Web Design Concepts

Web designing is an integral part of the modern day world. Since the onset of the dotcom generation, the demand for web design services has been rising tremendously. Let us try to understand some basic web design concepts.

The Basics of Web Design

What is a web page?
A web page refers to any text file with an .html extension. It basically contains information in form of text or graphics. Such a page may also contain hyperlinks. These links are used to redirect the crawler from the current web page to another page. A web page carries all the information that you may wish to convey to your target audience.

How Do You Design a Simple Web Page?
The initial web page design involves knowing the basics of HTML. HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a simple language that makes designing web pages a child’s play. Through HTML one is able to insert graphics or text on a web page hassle free. Along with HTML there are also other tools which come in handy during web page design. The most notable one is the cascading style sheets (CSS). This tool is very useful in adding value to the web content available on a web page. Basically by learning a few basic HTML tips you’ll be in a position to start designing your own web pages.

What Is Domain Name Registration?
A domain name basically gives your web page a unique identity. Many web hosts will provide you with a unique domain name for your website.

How to Host a Website
After creating the HTML web page, now it is time to upload it into the internet. This is also quite easy. Basically, you’ll need to seek the services of a good and reliable web host, this way he’ll be in a position to place your page on the World Wide Web by providing you with some virtual space. Some webhost service providers will charge you a minimal fee for the hosting services, others will offer this space free of charge but with some conditionality.
Before you select the appropriate webhost, the following tips will take you a long way:

*Always ascertain the amount of up time that the web host provider will offer your website. For instance, it is always advisable to seek the services of a webhost who guarantees you a 24 hour duration uptime.

*Secondly, always ensure that the web host has adequate back up servers. This will guarantee you that your page will continue to receive global attention even if one of the servers breaks down.

*Last but not least, always enquire on the duration of the entire web hosting agreement. Long term contracts are always the good way to go.

In general, the phrase web designing covers all the artistic skills needed to build and sustain a website. Learning a few web design basics is indeed a good way to explore your potential in this area. Basically, with just a bit of technical knowledge, you’ll be in a position to utilize your creativity to come up with even better web designing ideas.

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